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The essence of Luísa’s creative practice is continuously inspired by fantasy worlds where jewelry and body ornaments are an extension of personal self-expression, a window into an alter ego and a romantic ode to self.


The Portuguese artist is currently in between Lisbon and Brussels. She has arrived at jewelry making as the best form to express herself. Her following studies introduced her to object design and simultaneously into the accessories world, where she began to discover herself with new media beyond metal work. 

Luísa thanks her quirky childhood birthday parties for introducing her to her passion. Having had the chance to pick a new workshop to attend each year, Luísa explored the culinary world, had her first small business in soap making, learnt how to handwoven beach bags or how to make chocolate, but the common link has always been the passion to create with her very own hands. Luísa's philosophy is that her jewelry is for those who are confident to make a statement, those who seek to shine bright in a room, those who want to channel fantasy in our world.

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